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The Calvin B. Fuller Law Office specializes in defending individuals against a wide range of criminal charges, from serious offenses such as First Degree Murder to misdemeanors, ensuring comprehensive legal representation in Illinois. Our experienced trial attorneys are prepared to advocate zealously on your behalf, whether your case requires trial by jury or judge, leveraging our significant trial experience to protect your interests.

Understanding the proficiency of Assistant State’s Attorneys and the diligence of Law Enforcement agencies is crucial. Our firm matches their expertise with a steadfast commitment to defending your rights under the United States and Illinois State Constitutions and adhering to the Federal Rules of Evidence.

Ensure your rights are protected with Calvin B. Fuller Law Office, offering defense counsel that balances the scales of justice. Our legal services extend beyond the courtroom to include restoration of Firearm Possession Rights, Asset Seizure and Forfeiture defense, Expungement and Sealing of Criminal Records, and legal representation for athletes, including Name, Image, and Likeness Contracts.

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