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About Calvin B. Fuller

Upon graduating from MacMurray College with a Triple major in History, Philosophy and Political Science, was accepted to study law at The Howard University School of Law in Washington DC. Attained Juris Doctorate degree in May of 1993.

Was hired by the Honorable William R. Haine and appointed as an Assistant State's Attorney in Madison County, Illinois (Edwardsville, IL). Said appointment continued under the tenures of William A. Mudge and Thomas D. Gibbons.

After 21 years of Government service, founded and have operated The Calvin B. Fuller Law Office since April of 2016 concentrating primarily on Criminal Defense work. As both a Prosecutor and Defense Counsel counsel, have reviewed, analyzed and negotiated multiple thousands of criminal cases.

I have also tried multiple cases before Juries and Judges all manners of Criminal cases, ranging from simple traffic matters to First Degree Murder charges. My particular focus as both a Prosecutor and Private Defense Counsel has been in the areas of Drug, Violent Crime and Firearm cases, with an emphasis on Arrest, Search and Seizure and evidentiary matters.

I further instructed at the Southwestern Illinois College Police Academy for approximately 12 years training potential officers in the various areas of fundamental criminal law issues.

My abilities to reason, articulate, analyze and approach cases in alternative theories are strong and pursued with great motivation regardless of the classification of the offense. Above all, my professional experience has dictated that Justice is deserved for all individuals. I pride myself on being the individual that works to secure that very Justice we all should enjoy.

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